18.11.2018, 21:16 Uhr

Supreme Award for Structural Engineering Excellence für die Tamina Brücke

Die Tamina Brücke in St. Gallen, Schweiz, wurde bei der Verleihung der Structural Awards 2018 der Institution of Structural Engineers gleich mit zwei Preisen ausgezeichnet: dem Award for Vehicle Bridges und dem renommierten Supreme Award for Structural Engineering Excellence.

Mit dem Supreme Award for Structural Engineering Excellence wird das „finest example of excellence in structural engineering design“ unter den Gewinnern der zwölf Hauptkategorien ausgezeichnet.

Begründung der Jury:

“The Tamina Canyon Crossing is a beautifully executed arch bridge. Its form complements its picturesque surroundings and the geology of the gorge. With few alternatives for suitable springing points, the final form is asymmetric, which added complexity to the structural engineering challenge.

To ensure that every aspect of the bridge structure was pared down to the barest minimum, the five struts are inclined, rather than the more usual vertical. The two end struts are fixed to the deck, creating a helpful portal-frame action, while the other three struts are pinned at their ends. This innovation offered the opportunity to reduce span lengths in the deck without needing to add more struts.

Tamina Crossing oozes structural innovation, and results in an efficient, durable and robust structure. But, most importantly, it results in a beautiful bridge, which satisfies all of Fritz Leonhardt’s rules for the aesthetics of bridges. The achievement of such beauty against the backdrop of a tremendously difficult terrain, using ingenuity alone, is the hallmark of great structural engineering.“

Die Structural Awards werden seit 1968 vom Institution of Structural Engineers verliehen und gehören zu den weltweit renommiertesten Ingenieurbaupreisen. Die Preisverleihung fand am Freitag, 16. November 2018, in der traditionsreichen „The Brewery“ in London statt.

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