Thursday 13.02.2020

Award "20 Years Symposium Bridge Construction in Leipzig"

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Symposium Bridge Construction in Leipzig, the Verlagsgruppe Wiederspahn has awarded prizes for bridges, that have been presented during the past years in Leipzig.

A jury selected 21 bridges from eight categories, which represent the ambition and purpose of the symposium in a special way - and thus at the same time reflect the development of bridge construction in an exemplary way.


Bridge across Waschmühl Valley (Germany)

Category Road Bridges Germany


Tamina Bridge (Switzerland)

Category Road Bridges International

Forth Replacement Crossing (Scotland)

Category Road Bridges International

Kocher Valley Bridge (Germany)

Category Maintenance and Refurbishment

Köln-Mülheim Bridge (Germany)

Category Maintenance and Refurbishment


Chenab Bridge (India)

Category Construction Technology