Thursday 04.05.2023

Symbolic closing of the gap in Magdeburg

On 3 May 2023, the symbolic closing of the gap in cantilever construction was celebrated in Magdeburg.

About a year ago, the cantilever construction of the Kaiser-Otto Bridge had started. A total of seven sections and seven pairs of cables each have been installed and tensioned since then. On April 18, 2023, the last two steel components weighing over 50 tons were lifted into place in the eastern section of the bridge.

After the 3rd tensioning stage and longitudinal shifting of the east edge panel, the remaining gap of approx. 20 cm will soon be closed with welded-in sheets.

With the connection to the Queen Editha Bridge and the existing New Stream Bridge, traffic is expected to roll over the new bridge span in December, before Christmas.

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Offizielle Fotos: Bruno Timme


On the left the LAP Team: Max Brennecke (Site Supervision), Stefan Schulz (Site Manager), Christian Anistoroaiei (Detailed Design ), Stefan Burgard (Project Manager)