Wednesday 20.07.2022

Varvsbron in Helsingborg wins international bridge award

The new Shipyard Bridge in Helsingborg, Sweden, was awarded the Eugene C. Figg Jr. International Bridge Prize.

The Shipyard Bridge was inaugurated at the end of September last year and connects the new district of Ocean Harbour with Helsingborg's city centre and central station. The Shipyard Bridge was designed by the English architect Stephen James for Ramboll. It is technically advanced and took two years to build. The bridge is an important link, allowing pedestrians and cyclists from the city centre and Ocean Harbour to reach homes, offices, trains, buses and ferries in a matter of minutes.

The light on the bridge is controlled by the rising and setting of the sun through an astrolabe. The normal colour scheme of the bridge is white. During holidays, such as Christmas and Easter, it is possible to colour the bridge with other colour themes.

The award ceremony took place at the International Bridge Conference in Pittsburgh on 20 July 2022.

Press Release of the City of Helsingborg

Photo: Lotta Wittinger

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