Wednesday 20.10.2021

Launching of the Rhine bridge Duisburg-Neuenkamp

On 19 October 2021, the LAP design team visited the construction site of the new Rhine bridge Duisburg-Neuenkamp to take part in the launching cycle on the right side of the Rhine. The launching of the southern superstructure started in summer. Almost all the piers have been erected and the steelwork has also progressed. The first segments of the pylons are also already on site. The semi-finished parts will be placed on the superstructure during the shutdown phases and then shifted along with it.

The new bridge will replace the old one by a double-span cable-stayed bridge with two separate superstructures and a main span of 380 meters. The two superstructures will be designed as a three-cell hollow steel box girder in the main span and as a steel composite cross-section in the side span. The external free-standing pylons with dynamic cross-section contours are monolithically connected to the bridge deck. The pylon cross-section changes from a hexagonal cross-section at the pylon base to an octagonal cross-section to a pentagonal cross-section at the pylon tip.

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