Friday 16.12.2022

Tauber Bridge Markelsheim receives the "Hohenlohe-Tauberfranken" Building Culture Award

The replacement of the Tauberbrücke bridge in Markelsheim receives the "Hohenlohe-Tauberfranken" building culture award.

As part of the regional building culture initiative "Hohenlohe-Tauberfranken", the Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Architects, Stuttgart, together with the Ministry of State Development and Housing, is honoring  exemplary projects for good building culture They all stand for quality planning and building and demonstrate public welfare-oriented, courageous and exemplary solutions for Hohenlohe-Tauberfranken in order to meet the diverse local challenges.

The replacement of the Tauber bridge is a reinforced concrete bridge with two arches at the bottom, based on the existing structure. Compared to the existing structure, the arch supports will be dispensed with, also taking into account the flood discharge. The bridge fits into the environment without any visual changes. The design is a modern interpretation of the two arch bridges that previously existed at the site. The bridge is designed as an integral structure.

Comments of the jury

The Tauber Bridge has connected the southern and northern parts of Bad Mergentheim since 1898. Today's replacement of this connecting structure clearly shows the load-bearing structure of the original bridge design and at the same time addresses current issues such as flood runoff and material use. The carefully modernized engineering structure demonstrates excellently how historical context can be skillfully combined with today's construction regulations - right down to design details such as the integration of the statue of St. Nepomuk.

Source: AKBW