Monday 02.11.2020

Württemberg State Library in Stuttgart

The design envisaged an independent extension in the north-western area of the State Library, which would only be connected to the old building by a footbridge. The old building was therefore not affected by massive structural interventions and could be used during the entire construction period without disruption. This also made it possible to avoid costly relocation of the holdings. The six-storey annex building will house all functional areas with a high frequency of use, while the existing building will offer reading areas for quiet and concentrated work. The reading room thus clearly becomes the centre of the entire ensemble.
The light Béton brut façade of pigmented white concrete, which characterises the façade, gives the building a friendly, inviting character. Together with the library square in front of the building and the large staircase, this creates a visually appealing overall impression.

The axis to the New Palace is clearly visible. The design was based on the boulevard idea for the Konrad-Adenauer-Strasse, which will be implemented in the near future.

Special Features

  • high loads of up to 18.9 kN/m² through compact installation
  • Large spans of up to 19.0 m in exhibition and event areas
  • 500 m² large, 2-storey exhibition area
  • Meeting place with permission for up to 680 persons
  • 3-storey underground car park
  • Betón brut shell façade constructed in-situ

After three years of construction and completion, the topping-out ceremony was celebrated on 22 March 2018. The extension building is scheduled to open in late summer.


Client   :                Vermögen und Bau Baden-Württemberg Stuttgart

Architect:              LRO Lederer Ragnarsdòttir Oei GmbH & Co. KG

Services by LAP:  Structural design for the building and the Betón brut façade,
                              the sheeting and underpinning measures

Photography:        Bastian Kratzke


Architekturpreis Beton 2020

Hugo Häring Auszeichnung 2020