Engineering & Corporate Social Responsiblity 

"Baumeister in einer umwälzenden Zeit" - Master-builder in revolutionary times – is the title of the memories written by Fritz Leonhardt (1999), the founder of Leonhardt, Andrä und Partner (LAP). His identification with a "master-builder" is the legacy and ideal for the entrepreneurship of LAP. 

Leonhardt‘s demand for engineering as part of the social responsibility and his core values concerning the fundamental questions of aesthetics and ethics are timeless. Values that are complied with creativity and inventiveness, with an outstanding knowledge and more than 75 years of experience in structural engineering. Combined with a comprehensive and holistic understanding for structures, the environment and their cultural significance and a result-oriented project, cost and time management these values quarantee the high standard of engineering and reputation of LAP. 

Engineers of Leonhardt, Andrä und Partner consult and attend clients and joint venture partners in all planning and construction stages from first brainstorming and feasibility studies through preliminary and detailed design, construction engineering, site supervision, technical expertise and independent checking. 

A trustful personal contact to our clients and joint-venture partners is of particular importance. Therefore LAP established branch offices at different locations in Germany and in Switzerland. International projects are carried out in close co-operation with local partners. A lively exchange of ideas and experience amongst the branches and continuous well-directed training and development programs broaden the competence and point of view of all employees and result in new research and development projects. 

The ability for teamwork of management and employees plays an important part due to the increasing complexity of construction tasks, so special importance is placed in this ability. 

These values provide satisfaction of the profession and are prerequisite for the high ability and motivation of all employees and thus guarantee the quality of our work. 

Active participation in professional associations and important contributions to scientific committees and expert panels, in writing publications and giving lectures complement the scope of services.