04.07.2013, 16:27 Uhr

1st Prize for the general planning of a new bridge over the Rhine Fußach-Hard

Leonhardt, Andrä and Parter, Stuttgart and Schimetta Consult Civil Engineers, Innsbruck obtained in collaboration with Dissing + Weitling Copenhagen the contract for general planning for the newly constructed bridge over the Rhine between Fußach and Hard in Vorarlberg, Austria. They won the competition with a technologically advanced design.

By bridging the Rhine with a generous extradosed bridge, an economical solution was developed which considers the terrain including river beds and banks, due to the reduction of pillars to the minimum needed. The superstructure and the load bearing structure are in such proportions to each other that the overall experience of the bridge is sustainable and well experienced – a quality that in particular is to emphasize due to the high frequency of cyclists. The design developed by the flat design of tension members and the associated relatively low masts presents its own distinctive design language. The result is a modern bridge, which is characterized by a very factual and simply elegant restraint. At the same time the bridge design results in a high degree of independent integrity. 

The 255 m long four-span beam bridge with a constant height in the main span and a variable decreasing height towards the ends of the superstructure is made of concrete. To realize the main field, at its maximum span of 125 m, with a constant height, the superstructure is braced by external tendons. The elegantly shaped steel pylons are designed as hollow boxes and will be hinged connected to the superstructure.

Land Vorarlberg
Amt der Vorarlberger Landesregierung
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