24.07.2018, 17:01 Uhr

2nd Place General Designing Competition of the Educational Center West Ludwigsburg

2nd Place General Designing Competition of the Educational Center West Ludwigsburg

The design of Drei Architekten Stuttgart and Leonhardt, Andrä und Partner has won the second prize for the General Designing Competition of the Educational Center West in Ludwigsburg.
The Competition comprises two new school buildings, a cafeteria, a library building and two sports centers.

Competition Task

The City of Ludwigsburg has announced an architectural competition for the restructuring of the Educational Center West. The different buildings built in the 1970s are in need of restoration, as they are partially contaminated with pollutants. Most of them will be demolished and built completely new. The three schools, the primary school Osterholzschule, the Gottlieb-Daimler-Realschule and the Otto-Hahn-Gymnasium, will receive an attractive learning environment with the new construction: multi-functional usable rooms, a combined cafeteria, an additional sports center, an expanded district library and newly designed outdoor areas. By arranging the buildings in a distinctive way, a larger outdoor area is obtained, which pupils, teachers and people living in the vicinity can use. The building project shall be realized during ongoing school days. According to the current planning, construction works can begin in 2022 and the complete renovation and reconstruction will be finished in 2028.

The Design

School buildings
The clearly structured regular ground plan lead to an economic reinforced concrete skeleton
structure, consisting of a flat ceiling and continuous supports. Therefore, the inner walls of the classrooms can be realized as non-load bearing walls, which enables a higher flexibility and facilitates future re-constructions. For the horizontal stiffening, there are enough wall discs at the staircases.

Culture House
The large span above the cafeteria is traversed with a beam system made of composite beams, which hangs on a storey-high truss girder on the second floor (steel or reinforced concrete). The smaller spans of the other ceiling areas allow for point-supported flat slabs, whose supports extend over all floors and allow flexible use and easy installation. An exception are the two halls for the all-day childcare where beams intercept the supports from the second floor.

Sports Center
The approx. 22.5 m wide hall areas are spanned with steel composite girders and prestressed concrete girders. In this way, long-time deformations from shrinkage and creep, which also occur after the completion of the expansion, can be kept to a minimum. The clear load-bearing system qualifies the halls to be stacked on top of each other. The adjoining rooms are traversed with cantilevered reinforced concrete flat ceilings.

Services by LAP
Structural design

Project Manager
Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Hollenbach | Office Stuttgart