11.10.2017, 14:06 Uhr

Special commendation „Architektur Preis Beton 2017“ (Architecture Prize Concrete 2017) for office complex at the Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin

The office complex at Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin, designed by Architects Miller & Maranta from Basel, Switzerland received a special commendation at the Architecture Prize Concrete 2017.

Jury statement
“The Swiss architects have designed a distinctive office and gallery complex in an urbanistic difficult location at the Spandauer Canal in Berlin-Mitte. The interior is consumed by a central staircase, which functions as communication zone, as it opens up on every level. Branched vertical wall panels verge on the staircase and enclose all side rooms. The building’s bearing structure is foreseen for a multitude of different usage opportunities: large office environment, combination offices and single rooms.”

The façade convinces with special ingenuity, as the architects have attributed it with site-specific characteristics. The relief-like lateral surfaces of the elongated building with its vertical bars connects the Berlin Art Gallery on the right with the railway installations on the left. The side facing the railway installations appears with its thin vertical and strong horizontal orientation as graceful and smooth. The front facing the canal takes, because of its ground floor arcade, a monumental and solid effect.

The concrete façade is developed as joint less Mullion-Bar Grid and is in front of the real building envelope, with which it is connected only on few points, due to energetic and static reasons. Now, there is a monolithic, self-supporting three-dimensional structure, which represents the high quality of Swiss concrete architecture.


Ernst Basler und Partner aus Zürich

Structural Design
Leonhardt, Andrä und Partner, Berlin

Ruedi Walti