23.10.2013, 11:27 Uhr

Bridge across the Lochkov Valley near Prague

European Steel Design Award 2013

Foto: Vladimír Carbol, Norsk Sveseteknikk AS

Outstanding design in steel construction emphasizes the many advantages of steel in construction, production, economy and architecture. The European Steel Design Awards are given by the European Convention for Constructional Steelwork (ECCS) every two years to encourage the creative and outstanding use of steel in architecture and construction.

Winner for the Czech Republic is the Bridge across the Lochkov Valley near Prague.

The Bridge across the Lochkov Valley is situated on south-west periphery of the Prague Ring Road and crosses the deep valley at a height of 65 m. The central span of the bridge is supported by slanted concrete struts that are being cast in temporarily suspended cantilevers. The composite deck is formed by one cell box girder with span sof 70 – 79,8 – 99,3 – 93,8 – 80,5 m and large overhangs supported by steel struts. The core of the bridge is the middle section with its two 57° inclined pillars. These have been re-anchored during the construction phase by tendons and completed by means of climbing formwork. The superstructure running in parallel, made of about 4’800 tons of structural steel, has been welded together with 26 partly prefabricated elements in the casting bed and launched in eleven steps.

Through an optimized implementation of all materials, a high quality and modern composite bridge resulted, also setting new standards under the aesthetical, technical and also economical point of view.

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