08.09.2017, 14:54 Uhr

Tribune for Saxon Rural Stud

Until the day before the stallion parade of the Saxon rural stud in Moritzburg the last membrane panel has been installed at the tribune.

Now, the tribune with more than 2.000 roofed seats is ready for the stallion’s parade.

LAP was issued with the planning order in September 2016 by SIB (Sächsisches Immobilien und Baumanagement Dresden) with the ambitious goal of a completion until the 3rd September 2017. Which means, there was less than one year to plan and realize the tribune.

At first, it was intended to construct a trapezoidal steel sheet roof with pillars between the spectators’ areas, but then a membrane-covered steel construction which can do with a minimum of pillars was developed, in order to not hamper the spectator’s view.

The final construction was established by examine several different forms and distances between the pillars and is now designed as follows: seven 20m long box binder out of steal with an axial distance of 13m cantilever 15 m from a V- pillar. At the end a slim pin supports the box grinder, which absorbs tension and compression stresses, depending on the load case (wind or snow). The membrane is spanned between the 13m fields, and is fixed by the box girders in the cross direction and by boundary ropes in the longitudinal direction. The membrane is spanned down in the axis behind the seats and gets the typical funnel-shape, which takes over the drainage as well.

The solid structure in reinforced concrete receives supporting loads of the steel- and membrane construction by using special mounting parts. High vertical tensile forces for example resulting out of wind from the underside which is based on measurements in an aerodynamic testing lab. High horizontal forces are taken by a concrete frame, which is hidden in the substructure. The frames are grounded vertically on a lean concrete foundation to reach the rock in combination with injection piles for tensile forces.

After the parades, remaining technical works and tasks in the open area, and the funnel-shaped membrane cladding were finished.

Services by LAP: structural planning and site supervision
Architects: Schulz+Uhlemann Architekten, Dresden
Client: Free State of Saxony

Photo: Schulz+Uhlemann Architekten