04.09.2017, 14:56 Uhr

Design Handbook Federal Highway A3 Würzburg - Erlangen

The highway directorate Nordbayern has charged Leonhardt, Andrä und Partner, together with architects of gmp and WGF, to develop a handbook for the holistic design of all the structures, which integrate into the existing natural environment and lead to a sustaining, timeless and high-value aesthetic for this section of the federal highway A 3.

A great emphasis was placed on a high degree of simplicity, functional and load-bearing sense of purpose and therefore an amplified, sustainable design, which meets all the economic and ecologic construction challenges regarding economic use of resources.


Bayerisches Staatsministerium des Innern, für Bau und Verkehr vertreten durch die Autobahndirektion Nordbayern

© Autobahndirektion Nordbayern Juli 2017



Bernd Endres, Markus Wagner forABD Nordbayern
Volkwin Marg und Hubert Nienhoff and Markus Pfisterer for gmp –Architekten
Wolfgang Eilzer, Rolf Jung for Leonhardt, Andrä und Partner
Michael Voit for WGF

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PDF short version  (in German)