10.10.2017, 12:22 Uhr

Hugo Häring Award for the University Library in Freiburg Baden-Wuerttemberg Germany

The retrofitting and renovation of the university library in Freiburg was honored with the Hugo Häring Award 2017 of the BDA, Association of German Architects in Freiburg/Breisgau. The Hugo Häring Award is an Architecture Prize in Baden-Wuerttemberg for builders and architects for outstanding buildings. It is named after the Architect Hugo Häring and awarded since 1969.

This year, the glass construction of the university library in Freiburg was honored with the above mentioned prize. The jury titled the reflecting university building with its downwards falling lines as “diamond” in the heart of Freiburg and praised the building’s assertiveness, with which it glosses on this public place.
“It was no surprise that the audience’s third favorite, the new central library of the University of Freiburg, gained the Hugo Häring Award.”

Federal State of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

DEGELO Architekten BSA SIA AG, Basel, Switzerland

Tendering and budgeting
Itten Brechbühl AG, Basel, Switzerland

Structural planning
Leonhardt, Andrä und Partner, Stuttgart, Germany

LunaLicht, Karlsruhe, Germany

Outdoor installations
Stötzer Landschaftsarchitekten, Freiburg i. Br, Germany

Façade inscriptions
Matthias Pauweis, Bern, Switzerland

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