24.04.2018, 14:33 Uhr

New Danube Bridge Budapest

Second prize in international bridge design competition

An international architectural design competition was announced in 2017 by the Municipal Government of Budapest for the construction of a New Danube Bridge in the southern part of Budapest. With this new bridge transport connections between South Buda and South Pest will be created that help explore, approach and develop these areas.

The design of Leonhardt, Andrä und Partner – Zaha Hadid – Werner Consult and Smoltczyk & Partner won the 2nd prize.

The 2nd prize winning bridge is designed to optimize and accentuate both the specific physical context within the city and the cultural context of the city of Budapest. The architectural design of the New Danube Bridge is a visually exciting and structurally innovative solution developed from and embedded in the specific quality and nature of the site. It affords a super exciting driver experience, and presents a symbolic landmark on the city skyline, that is bespoke and specific to Budapest.

The design is determined above all by the S-shaped alignment and the principal decision for a tied-arch on top. The S-shaped curvature in plan view requires by obligation an intermediate support in the middle of the river Danube, which marks the inflection point of the alignment.

For the supporting structure on top, the arch solution was adopted, as it is the most efficient system for the given spans of approx. 2 x 244 metres.

To guarantee the maximum free clearance under the bridge, the arches were declined slightly asymmetric with a deviation to the centre pier. The consequence are steeper arch legs in the centre with an optimized V-shaped pier, whose width is reduced to the same size as the pile cap in the water.

General Bridge Data

Bridge length: 830 m, max. spans: 244,17, arch height: 50 m, deck width: 43,7 m

Statement of the Jury

It is truly an innovative, novel, unprecedented from in this size, which also follows the tradition of the double-stress bridges in Budapest. The S-shape and the double-curved design makes the crossing of the Danube an experience. The form is playful yet serious, and the single middle river pier may be beneficial. It is not too fancy, yet special. Of all the entries, this is perhaps the one that offers a true “spatial experience” when passing through the bridge by providing a view of the structure itself not only from the side but also from the axis of the bridge. […]”

KKBC – Centre of Key Government Investments Nonprofit Pivate Limited Company (Zrt.)

Leonhardt, Andrä und Partner Beratende Ingenieure VBI AG
Zaha Hadid Limited
Werner Consult ZT GesmbH
Smoltzcyk & Partner GmbH