04.03.2014, 11:09 Uhr

Competition Walther-Meißner-Building of the PTB Berlin, Germany

New building of the cryogenic temperature center

1st price in competition of new building of cryogenic temperature center Walther-Meißner-Bau of the PTB Berlin

A new laboratory building is to be built on the partly listed Campus from the 19th century in Berlin-Charlottenburg for cryogenic research of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) Berlin.

Structure parameter:

Effective area: approx. 2.7000 square meter
Gross volume: approx. 24,400 cubic meters
Cost ceiling:    approx. 16 Million Euros (plus planning costs)

Laboratories are sensitive to vibrations (up to VC-D) and partially constructed as clean room.

The first placed drawing of the architect’s office “Rohdecan Architekten”, which we have advised in the context of superstructure planning, is a compact four-storied cube where each floor is depicted separately. Because of its moderate height, the building connects perfectly to all adjoining facilities and fits with its distinctive clinker facade to the surroundings of the PTB campus.

The structure will be realized as vibration resistant solid construction. The ceiling thicknesses are local and floor panels are adjusted generally on requirements for constructional dynamic. Some of the cross walls are implemented supportive in order to meet the requirements of some rooms above, in the next floor (e.g. e-beam system). The facade and some other longitudinal walls are likewise implemented supportive and by doing so, they contribute to required high horizontal and torsional stiffness of the structure.

Extract of the jury’s evaluation

In total, the design is really thoroughly and shows a high understanding of the daily requirements of its users. Its high efficiency and the use of simple, yet impressive design elements complement the concept of the PTB. Ultimately the design also convinces, as it is cheap, regarding the costs.