16.09.2016, 14:02 Uhr

25 Years Office Berlin

An outstanding evening with an insight into the ions and material research, an overview of the field of the Mercedes-Benz Arena and a view to the heaven above Berlin – LAP celebrated the 25-year-existance of its Berlin office on 15 September 2016

The „premium-lounge“ of the Mercedes-Benz Arena with its outside terrace offered an atmospheric ambient for the festive evening for the staff of LAP and their numerous business partners and building-owner representatives invited. Already at the reception, the guests could look back on outstanding projects of the Berlin office of the last 25 years: they were shown on the flat screens of the lounge.

A little while later the party were to take place on the upholstered VIP-seats of the arena. Dipl.-Ing. Markus Maier, Member of the Executive Board, opened and guided through the ceremonial act which was framed musically by the family offspring – the “Maier-Trio”.

25 years LAP in Berlin – not only an occasion to look back and to thank all building-owners, business partners and especially the staff of LAP for the good cooperation, for their faithfulness and for all that was gained together. 25 years LAP in Berlin – as well an occasion to talk about future matters as an enterprise.

One such future matter is the particle research, as Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Blaurock, Managing Director of „FAIR“, stated in his lecture. „FAIR“ stands for „Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research“ and for one of the largest projects in LAP’s history. The underground particle accelerator, which is being built in Darmstadt, will enable an international team of scientists to carry out experiments with great scientific value. Examples of such research are the formation of the universe or implementation in medical technics.

Another future matter are new construction materials. Professor Dr.-Ing. Frank Dehn, Professor for „Multifunctional Production Materials“ at the Technical University of Leipzig, took the spectators on to a structural engineering time travel which began at the Roman pantheon and – not ended, but just paused – at „self-healing concrete“ by the activation of microorganisms. It‘s just these visions that drive scientists and engineers to thinking, doing and researching.

Another highlight of the evening was a guided tour through the Mercedes-Benz Arena. Not only on the catwalks within the roof structure in dizzying heights over the playing field, as well in the huge building services centre or the actually “breathtaking” dressing room of the Berlin Eisbären ice hockey team – the interested guests experienced an entertaining tour inside a LAP project. A nice gesture of the building-owner: all persons involved in the construction of the arena are named on a large plaque. Many of the LAP staff searched and found themselves – a very personal „company anniversary“.

With animated chats next to the buffet, in the lounge with view into the arena or on the deck terrace with views over Berlin the evening faded away.

Photos: Bastian Kratzke