09.06.2017, 14:21 Uhr

German Architecture Prize 2017

Award for reconstruction of the House of State of Baden-Württemberg

In addition to the awarding of the German Architecture Prize 2017, the judging panel has conferred a total of 4 awards and 6 special commendation.
The reconstruction of the House of State of Baden-Württemberg received one of those awards.

In order to accomplish a modern functioning of the parliament, the building, protected as historic monument, was modernized and the assembly hall was provided with ceiling windows to add daylight. The building’s visual appearance was maintained, as skylights were evenly mounted in the roof surface. Now there is a multifaceted coherence and connection between the open foyer and the hermetically sealed assembly hall because the former wooden hall, has now illuminating skylights. The unconstrained working atmosphere and visual contact between the foyer and the hall, guarantee further operations in the building.

Staab Architekten, Berlin
Ernst2 Architekten, Stuttgart
Leonhardt, Andrä and Partner, Stuttgart
Drees & Sommer, Stuttgart
Müller & Bleher, Filderstadt
Köber Landschaftsarchitektur, Stuttgart

Vermögen und Bau Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart

Bastian Kratzke