17.02.2017, 10:13 Uhr

Award Ceremony of the Ulrich-Finsterwalder Ingenieurbaupreis 2017

Prize Winner: Rehabilitation of the Kocher Viaduct

The Award Ceremony for the Ulrich Finsterwalder Ingenieurbaupreis 2017 took place at the German Museum in Munich on 10 February 2017.

Representatives of the Client, Contractor and LAP received this prestigious award for the rehabilitation of the Kocher Viaduct.

Statement of the Jury:

The refurbishment strategy and its implementation was developed and realized in a comprehensive way. After a structural audit, evaluation and rating of the existing structure, preferenced solutions were developed through a constructive discourse between all involved parties. An outstanding achievement was the discovery of hidden reserves in the bridge structure through the thorough study of the existing structural calculations. Based on this, a detailed computer based modeling of the construction stages revealed a noticeably higher compressive stress level in the bridge spans, which turned out to have positive effects with regards to the verification of the serviceability limit state. Thus, the calculated deficits were reduced to the support areas only, where the webs and the bottom slab of the box girder had to be strengthened. In particular, through the synthesis of historical and structural analysis, the design engineers achieved to satisfy the historical importance of this structure in an exemplary manner. In this way, a costly and time consuming replacement of the structure could be avoided.

With the integral, minimal invasive and historical-critical analysis of the existing structure it was possible to maintain the bridge and to achieve an economical and heritage satisfying strengthening of this icon of civil engineering arts. Thus, the planning and implementation of the refurbishment of the Kocher Viaduct Geislingen is also an homage to the creators of this outstanding bridge construction.

Services by LAP: Tender design, detailed design and site supervision
Client: Regierungspräsidium Stuttgart
Contractor: Leonhard Weiss GmbH & Co. KG