22.09.2017, 13:43 Uhr

Recognition for State Award of Thüringen for engineering Performance 2015 of Public Bath Gotha

The renovation and extension of the public Bath in Gotha, which was built in the art nouveau and is protected as historic monument received a recognition of the State Prize of Thüringen for engineering performance 2015.

The State Price of Thüringen for engineering recognition is an award for modern, outstanding engineering performance in the federal state. It expresses our esteem for architects and constructors.

Judgement of jury

The performances at the renovation and extension of the public-bath in Gotha, built in art nouveau, represent perfectly the collaboration and planning of all engineering disciplines involved. It was especially challenging for constructors of the superstructure because in this case, it was absolutely necessary to abide to the strict aspects of preservation of historical monuments in a way that it won’t be visible in public areas. It was achieved by maintaining the shells which span over the centerpiece and by reinforcing it with hidden arched splines. The whole system was additionally enhanced with an arch shaped girder grid made of steel. The bath’s contemporary manner of the renovation method requires exact modeling of the superstructure and with minimum input of material, success was achieved. By doing so, we were able to save resources. We could even keep the already existing t-girder slabs and increase its load capacity in order to meet the requirements. For the dimensioning of the superstructure as cover of the ceiling of the massively constructed extensions of sauna and indoor pool, cross-laminated timber was used, as it is said to ensure sustainability.

Overall, it can be stated that Thüringen now can display another positive statement for a successful preservation and upgrade of a listed building. All engineers involved are proving their excellent performance and team spirit.

Structural Desig:       Leonhardt, Andrä und Partner Beratende Ingenieure VBI AG, Erfurt
Architect:                  Veauthier Meyer, Berlin-Mitte
Owner:                     City of Gotha