22.09.2017, 14:27 Uhr

Opening of the new University Library in Freiburg

The outdated library building of the University of Freiburg, which was built in the seventies, needed a fundamental renovation. The design contract for LAP is dated back to 2004. In 2006 a jury opted for the design of a diamond shaped building by the architect’s office Degelo in Basel, Switzerland. In July 2015 the trial run has started. The official opening of the 53-Million structure was in October in the same year.

The radical modification of the existing building structure, to some extend with polygonal fringes of the ceiling and diagonal supports, which appear as jackstraws required all knowledge of our reconstruction engineers at LAP, as this area recently received a higher rating in terms of seismological zones.

The original idea of enhancing the building in a minimally invasive procedure step by step was rejected in the end. Modification- and project risks during interacting construction procedures (supporting, deconstructing, enhancing, complementing) according to custom-developed, yet strict prescribed scripts, were rejected by the ordering party. Mainly because of the respect of necessary qualifications of the executive company and because of too high expenditures. Instead, the concept was realized above the existing ground floor and as partial deconstruction and partial substitute.

The new library counts as one of the most modern establishments in Germany. From the outset, it was intended to be open 24/7 with numerous possibilities of self-service. Thanks to modern technic, the university library will save, in contrast to the past annually about 800,000 euros of operating costs.