27.03.2015, 09:31 Uhr

2nd Prize in the design competition for a new pedestrian and cyclist bridge in Rheinfelden

In July 2014, the cities of Rheinfelden (Aargau) and Rheinfelden (Baden) launched a design competition calling for the construction of a 4.50 m wide and 250 m long bridge as a new pedestrian- and cyclist connection, between the two cities across the Rhine river. The aim of the competition was to achieve a closer relationship of Rheinfelden Aargau and Rheinfelden Baden and to upgrade the eastern urban area.

The design of Leonhardt, Andrä und Partner, Atelier Zündel Cristea, Paris, and Plan T, Radelbeul was awarded with the 2nd prize.

Assessment of the Jury

An extraordinary and very elegant steel construction which achieves the wide span without any effort by using a river pier.
The structure is typologically reasonable interpreted as the addition of an arch or truss frame with a suspended roadway and a complementary half arch / truss, which meet above the river pier.
The forces are properly self-anchored. The bridge considers the different shore situations adequately and stair flights offer an added value  [...]