12.12.2013, 10:59 Uhr

1st Prize in Design Competition Hisingbron Gothenburg

New Bridge across the Göta Älv

On Wednesday, 11 December 2013, the City of Gothenburg announced the winner of the design competition for a new bridge across the Göta Älv in Gothenborg, Sweden.

Behind the winning design “Arpeggio”, a 350 m long vertical lift bridge, is the team made up of the Danish Architect Dissing + Weitling, the Swedish firms LjusArkitektur and ELU, and Leonhardt, Andrä und Partner. A total of 24 teams applied for the competition, 5 of them had been invited, among them some of the world’s best known bridge designers.

The new bridge will connect central Gothenburg with Hisingen, replacing the old Göta Älvbron. With its striking four towers that will lift up the bridge deck up to 30 meter above water the new bridge will be a landmark for the most important trade port in Scandinavia and a symbol for Gothenburg’s harbor and city development.