22.09.2017, 14:31 Uhr

Opening of reconstruction of Olgahospital and Frauenklinik Stuttgart

On the 10th May 2014 the Olgahospital and Frauenklinik (OHFK) of the medical center Stuttgart was ceremoniously opened. One of the keynote speakers was Fritz Kuhn, mayor of Stuttgart and Nils Schmid, deputy Prime Minister of Finance and Economics of Baden-Württemberg.

The new hospital complex is an essential project for the restructuring of the medical center Stuttgart, and is placed directly behind hospital wards of the Katharienenhospital.

385 patient’s bedsides and 9 surgery rooms are in a total area of 30,000 square meters.

The structure consists of 3 lower floors and 7 upper floors. Because of the steep slope, a 26m high side hill cut was needed for the excavation pit, which was secured permanently with an overcut bored pile wall (ø 90).