05.08.2013, 15:32 Uhr

New Sinntal Bridge opened to traffic

On 31 July 2013 the new Sinntal Bridge near Bad Brückenau was opened to traffic by the Minister of Transport, Dr. Peter Ramsauer.

An alternate design by LAP has been realized that offers the following advantages compared to the original design:

  • Four seal welded hollow box sections forming a main girder that is rigid in torsion
  • Transverse stiffeners for wind loads at the pier support axes
  • Harmonic widening of the pier head for increased bearing distance
  • Launching of the steel superstructure without temporary piers

The 755 m long new bridge across the Sinn Valley is a light 8-span steel-composite bridge that draws on the shape of the old bridge and harmoniously integrates in the landscape of the Röhn Mountains. The two separate superstructures each carry two traffic lanes plus an emergency lane and rest on slender round columns that expand transversely to the superstructure. Die bridge was constructed by incremental launching without using any temporary piers. The steel superstructure was launched by using a launching nose, the composite girder was constructed by the step-back “Pilger” method with formwork traveler. The up to 44 m high concrete columns were constructed by using a climbing formwork.

The new bridge was erected next to the existing one in a distance of only one bridge width. The blasting of the old bridge took place on 22 June 2013.

Services by LAP: Alternate design, detailed design and construction engineering for the JV Bögl / Stahlbau Plauen