03.07.2012, 10:00 Uhr

World Stadiums Award 2012

In the course of the World Stadium Congress 2012 from 3rd to 7th June 2012 in Qatar, the World Stadium Award 2012 was assigned in following categories:

  • Engineering excellence in stadium development
  • Most sustainable stadium design concept
  • Most innovative use of technology in stadium design
  • The best integrated stadium masterplan
  • The best multifunctional stadium design
  • The world’s most iconic and culturally significant stadium

Among the numerous presented works, the LAP-self made design "The Cloud – The Flying Roof" achieved its position among the three finalists in the category "Most innovative use of technology", so that the 3rd price was assured. The 1st and 2nd price were to be awarded to already built stadiums like the new Olympic Stadium London, the Moses Mabhida Stadium Durban, the Melbourne Stadium etc. Anyway, our idea of a mobile and, by a helium filling, flying roof was greeted enthusiastically also within the "Supreme Committee Qatar 2022", the official government office for the reward of stadium building for the soccer world championship in 2022.

There are few to withdraw form the charm of our idea to combine aviation technology with civil engineering in such way as to create completely new supporting structures and, most of all, to establish new possibilities of a mobile use.

Exactly 40 years after the installation of the Olympic roof in Munich, it was time for LAP to go new ways with regard to stadium design. Together with the aviation engineers IDVA of Freiburg, aviation technology merged with civil engineering in order to develop a new generation of wide spanning roofs. Floating like a zeppelin – since lighter as air – the roof no longer needs a massive supporting structure and may be floated in without any lifting devices.