Highway Bridge across the Norderelbe near Hamburg, Germany

Highway Bridge across the Norderelbe near Hamburg as part of Federal Highway A1

Replacement of the existing Norderelbe Bridge built in 1963 for the extension of the Highway A1 from six to eight lanes. The design of the new and twice as wide Norderelbe Bridge is based on the pure engineering aesthetic that characterizes the harbor and takes up the message of the bridge to be replaced as a reference and landmark. The entire composition as a double cable-stayed bridge with different spans and pylon heights is the logical constructive answer to the special features of the site to be crossed.

Statement of the Jury: “The winning Design convinces with is filigree aesthetic requirements, in which static and design merge. It has been worked out thoroughly down to the last detail. The extensive technical frame conditions are well fulfilled. The bridge responds to the slightly asymmetrical situation of the span widths with a discreet accentuation of the construction through different pylon heights and number of cables“ (www.hamburg.de).

DEGES Deutsche Einheit Fernstraßenplanungs- und –bau GmbH, Berlin

Services by LAP
1st place design competition with Gerkan, Marg und Partner
Basic design