Wednesday 30.09.2020

1st prize in competition for the new Franklin-Steg in Mannheim, Germany

In February, the MWS Projektentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH Mannheim had called for a competition for the design of a new pedestrian and cycle bridge across the B38 in Mannheim. In the north-east of Mannheim city centre, the new Franklin quarter, a new innovative district with model character, is currently being developed on a former US military site. The new pedestrian and cycle bridge shall link this new quarter to the city center..

“The design team Leonhardt, Andrä und Partner – Schoyerer architects SYRA – Bierbaum.Aichele Landscape Architects responded to the task with a filigree and unobstrusive steel construction. The design convinces with its particular simplicity and clarity of concept. The bridge fits into its surroundings as a self-contained element; it seems to hover above the B38 and the adjacent Columbus Park. The lighting integrated into the handrail promises an interesting staging even in the dark. Depending on speed and angle of vision, the bridge appears to pedestrians, cyclists and drivers not as a static but as a dynamic structure. By the choice of materials and the chosen construction method, this bridge is also considered to be durable and low-maintenance”