Discover the projects, with which we participated in design competitions

Bridge across River Main at Marktbreit, Germany 1st Prize
New Danube Bridge Budapest, Hungary 2nd Prize
Pedestrian and Cycle bridge Rheinfelden, Germany 2nd Prize
Ruyi Sea Crossing Bridge China 1st Prize
Nya Skurubron Sweden 1st Prize
Campus Bridge Würzburg, Germany 3rd Prize
Railway Bridge across the Aurach Valley, Germany 3rd Prize
Design Competition for Bridges and Structures as part of Highway A14, Germany Bauwerke der A 14 2nd Prize
Old Nahe Bridge Bad Kreuznach, Germany Honorable Mention
Muldeb Bridge Pouch, Germany 1st Prize
Salvador Itaparica Bridge, Brazil 1st Prize
Valley Bridge Schorgast, Bypass Kulmbach, Germany 3rd Prize
Highway Bridge Heidingsfeld, Germany 2nd Prize
Connecting Link Vienna, Austria 2nd Prize
Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge at Sulgen, Germany 3rd Prize
New Pier Tram Harbour Hamburg HafenCity, Germany 1st Prize
The Palm Jumeirah Gateway Bridge Dubai 1st Prize
Danube Bridge Linz, Austria 2nd Prize
Pulvermühle Viaduct Luxemburg 1st Prize
Bridge across the St. Denis canal at Aubervilliers, France 1st Prize
Pedestrian Bridge Gera, Germany 1st Prize
Pedestrian and Cylce Bridge Ulm, Germany 1st Prize
South-West Ringroad Balingen, Germany 1st Prize
Pedestrian Bridge Heilbronn, Germany 2nd Prize
Waterfall Bridge Oberndorf, Germany 1st Prize
Stonecutters Island Bridge Hong Kong 2nd Prize
Svinesund Bridge Sweden 3rd Prize
Neckar Bridge Bad Cannstatt, Germany 2nd Prize
Kap Shui Mun Bridge Hong Kong 1st Prize
Tähtiniemi Bridge Heinola, Finland 1st Prize
Foot Bridge Stuttgart-Degerloch, Germany 1st Prize
South Bridge Oberhavel Berlin, Germany 1st Prize
"La Cartuja" Bridge for the Expo 92 in Sevilla, Spain 1st Prize
Bridge across the Schornbach Valley, Germany 1st Prize
Severn (United States Naval Academy) Bridge Annapolis, USA 1st Prize
Werra Valley Bridge near Hedemünden, Germany 1st Prize