Tuesday 24.08.2021

Competition "Bridge Structures IGA 2027": Honorable Mention

In the competition "Bridge Structures IGA 2027" (Brückenbauwerke IGA 2027), announced by the city of Lünen, we received together with Schoyerer Architekten_SYRA an honorable mention for our design.

The city of Lünen intends to build two new foot and cycle bridges over the river Lippe and the Kamener Straße for one of five future gardens of the International Garden Exhibition (IGA) Metropole Ruhr 2027. The two bridges are part of a 22 km long common IGA cycle path connecting the cities of Lünen and Bergkamen, which runs through the whole future garden and ensures the access to the city center, the main station of Lünen, the station Preußen and the adjacent districts. In order to find an appropriate solution, 15 participants were invited to this competition.

Our design is based on a dynamic and timeless shape, which allows for a completely unspoiled landscape and nature experience avoiding any overhead structures. The Lippesprung is an 89 m long, one-sided fixed beam structure with an inclined support. The bridge over Kamener Straße, with a total length of 97.5 m, has a variable structural height so that it can be designed with the flattest possible gradient. The low-maintenance structural design of both structures provides a semi-integral bearing of the steel box girders in order to minimize the number of bridge bearings to the minimum.

Visualizations: LAP - Schoyerer Architekten_SYRA