Thursday 08.04.2021

Chenab Bridge in India: Closure of steel arch

On 4 April 2021 the official Arch Closure Ceremony of Chenab Bridge in India took place:

Arch Closure Ceremony of Chenab Bridge on USBRL Project , Northern Railway

The arch closure operation started with the bottom chord. At current status, some of the diagonals have been placed onto the previously installed bottom chord. Installation of the bottom chord segment required an opening of the gap by hydraulic jacks. Another, similar jacking operation was carried out to install the final closure piece in the top chord. This final jacking operation was required to achieve the desired geometry and force distribution.

The Chenab Bridge is part of the new railway line between Katra and Laole. It is an all-steel structure, supported by a steel truss arch with a clear span of 467 m between the base plates on the abutments.

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Photos: Afcons Infrastructure Limited