Monday 09.08.2021

Construction of the Rhinebridge Hard-Fußach

To the west of Austria the Alpine Rhine flows into the Lake Constance. Shortly before its confluence, the Rhine bridge between Hard and Fußach is currently being renewed. With its construction as an "extradosed bridge", the bridge sets special architectural accents. The construction as an external prestressed beam creates a filigree and modern bridge that appears restrained due to its rather functional and simple elegance. At the same time, it also develops a high degree of independent integrity, which, as a result of the reduction in the number of support points, also takes the greatest possible consideration of the terrain and minimizes the effect of fragmenting the landscape.

In addition to the challenges of the design method, the planning and execution had to meet the complex boundary conditions in the environment. The bridge must be founded in the poorly load-bearing soil layers of the river bed. Extreme flood situations must be taken into account during the construction period of the bridge and for the final construction of the Rhine flood protection. The new bridge is designed for a 300-year flood event with a 1 m freeboard.

The construction of the substructure was finished successfully End of April, the launching of the superstructure is in time. The final launching step is scheduled for early October.

Details of the Project

Review of the steel construction work to date


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