Wednesday 17.03.2021

Neckar Bridge Benningen: Completed

The Neckar Bridge Benningen in the South of Germany is part of the bypass road Benningen and crosses the river Neckar in a curved alignment. The 12,4 m wide and  195 m long steel composite bridge was designed as a semi-integrale frame bridge with a haunched superstructure and resolved skew stems. With spans of 54.5 - 86.0 - 54,5 m and a overall height of only 1.9 m in the center of the span it was possible to reach a max. slenderness of L/45. Due to its monolithic connection to the foundations on the river piers this bridge is also a low-maintenance structure.

The bridge will be opened to traffic in 2022.

Details of the construction


Regierungspräsidium Stuttgart

Services by LAP
Basic and tender design, detailed design and site supervision