Tuesday 07.11.2023

Professional Engineer

Martin Romberg has successfully passed the FE and PE exams and got the Professional Engineer licncece in the State of New York.

The P.E. qualification is required in order to be allowed to responsibly design structures in the USA.

The precondition for taking the exam is a complex process in which the equivalence of the German university degree must be proven and numerous references must be submitted.

The examination for the P.E. takes place in two parts. In the first part, a wide range of general knowledge in the field of civil engineering is tested, such as ethical principles of conduct, project planning, hydraulic engineering, traffic route construction, geotechnics and the basics of statics and dimensioning. In the second part of the test, students are asked to apply American standards in the field of structural engineering (loads, static systems, dimensioning of concrete, steel, masonry and wood).


“Thank you to all who supported me during the last year to reach this milestone. Special thanks to the Professional Engineers Dan Raynor, Marco Buyson, Sean Wichman, Walter Eggers and Karl Humpf who provided reference letters. Holger Svensson, Karl Humpf and Wolfgang Eilzer verified my work experience as my supervisors during the past twenty years with Leonhardt, Andrä und Partner.
My biggest thanks go to my family who were very lenint during the many hours I studied for the exams.
After many US projects over the last two decades, participation in the new Tappan Zee Bridge in New York was certainly a highlight; I am now looking forward to my first project in the role of Engineer of Record.”


Congratulations to Martin for his great effort to get the PE.

With this qualification, Martin continues LAP's long tradition of the design of major bridge projects in the USA, which began in 1973 with the planning of the Pasco-Kennewick Bridge in Washington State. Other important bridge projects include:

  • East Huntington Bridge in West Virginia
  • Roosevelt Lake Bridge in Arizona
  • Broad Street Bridge in Columbus, Ohio
  • Burlington Bridge über den Mississippi zwischen Iowa und Illinois
  • Severn River Bridge Replacement in Annapolis, Maryland
  • Baytown Bridge across the Houston Ship Channel in Texas
  • Rich Street Bridge in Columbus, Ohio
  • John James Audubon Bridge crossing the Mississippi in Ventress, Louisiana
  • Tappan Zee Bridge crossing the Hudson River in New York

and that is currently being continued with the Miami Fountain Bridge in Florida.

We are looking forward to further exciting projects in the USA.