Wednesday 13.09.2023

Varvsbron Helsingborg received European Steel Design Award

Varsbron in Helsingborg received the special award for Integral Design at the European Steel Design Awards ceremony in Amsterdam.

Varvsbron’ is a highly inventive pedestrian and cycle bridge; and a key part of The City of Helsingborg’s plans to develop vibrant new neighbourhoods and revitalise its urban harbour. In 2014 the international competition was won with an innovative design which shares characteristics with both suspension and cable-stayed structures. The bridge’s two pylons lean dramatically away from each other, with primary support cables swooping between to ‘cradle’ the deck from below rather than simply connect to the deck edge, as is typical for traditional cable-stayed structures. The gently inclined sinuous form of the bridge successfully resolved complex site requirements and created a dynamic centrepiece for the city’s new ‘urban archipelago’, Oceanhamnen. The team's up to date use of parametric modelling merged design and analysis processes and created a seamless transition between traditionally distinct stages of design, fabrication, and installation, which ultimately made this distinctive bridge more sustainable, structurally efficient, and cost-effective

The ECCS European Convention for Constructional Steelwork presents the European Steel Design Award every two years to promote and recognize creativity and the outstanding use of steel in architecture and construction.

Since the inauguration of Varvsbron 2021, the bridge has already received several important awards.

LAP was subcontracted by Centerlöf and Holmberg, Malmö, for the global analysis and design of the steel work

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Photos: Kristoffer Andersson | City of Helsingborg

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