Monday 25.09.2023

Munich Olympic Roof - Historic Landmark of Engineering Design

On 22 September 2023, the tent roof of the Olympic Stadium in Munich was honored with the award "Historic Landmark of Civil Engineering in Germany" (Historisches Wahrzeichen der Ingenieurbaukunst in Deutschland).

Completed for the 1972 Olympic Games, the tent roof is still a defining feature of civil engineering today. The structure is characterized by the fact that the most modern techniques, largely developed specifically for this purpose, were used. The numerous developments later still pointed the way for the construction of roofs and bridges. These include the ground anchors, the stretchable, high-precision, prefabricated cable net, and the first major use of CAD - to name just a few. The knowledge gained from the construction of the tent roof was later processed and further researched. Thus, in cooperation with the engineering companies involved, a separate research department was founded at the University of Stuttgart, which has since enjoyed worldwide recognition. The innovative spirit and courage of those days still serve as a model for many engineers today. [Press release of the BIngK Bundesingenieurkammer - Federal Chamber of Engineers]

Leonhardt und Andrä was responsible for the structural design of the tent roofs designed by Günter Behnisch and Frei Otto.

The "Historic Landmarks of Civil Engineering in Germany" award series is supported by the Federal Ministry of Housing, Urban Development and Building (BMWSB), the engineering chambers of the federal states and the non-profit  "Historische Wahrzeichen der Ingenieurbaukunst in Deutschland" (Historic Landmarks of Civil Engineering in Germany) sponsoring association. The award is given to engineering structures of particular historical significance that are at least 50 years old. In addition to the tent roof of the Munich Olympic Stadium, the TV tower in Stuttgart has already been awarded this title as another LAP project.

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Ceremonial unveiling of the honorary plaque Historic Landmark of Civil Engineering in Germany for the tent roof of the Olympic Stadium in Munich (from left to right).: Ministerialdirigent Hans-Peter Böhner, Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Wohnen Bau und Verkehr, Münchner Stadtbaurätin Prof. Dr. (Univ. Florenz) Elisabeth Merk, Dr.-Ing. Heinrich Bökamp, Präsident der Bundesingenieurkammer und Prof. Dr. Norbert Gebbeken, Präsident der Bayerischen Ingenieurekammer-Bau)


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