Tuesday 08.08.2023

Start of the Planning Approval Procedure for the Rudolf-Wissell Bridge in Berlin

Today, the public part of the planning approval procedure for the replacement of the Rudolf-Wissell Bridge and the reconstruction of the Charlottenburg interchange in Berlin starts.

LAP is responsible for the design of the replacement of the 926 m long Rudolf-Wissell-Bridge on behalf of Die Autobahn GmbH des Bundes, represented by DEGES Deutsche Einheit Fernstraßenplanungs- und -bau GmbH. Our team of traffic, environmental and bridge engineers won the design competition in 2017. The innovations consist in the generous alignment (moving the directional carriageway apart by up to 60 m), the careful fitting into the flora of the urban landscape and in a new type of construction technology. Here, the westbound carriageway is set down on the existing foundations and the old westbound superstructure is used for the construction of the new superstructure and, conversely, the new superstructure is used for the demolition and dismantling of the old superstructure (OLD helps NEW - NEW helps OLD). The Charlottenburg interchange, which is directly adjacent to the north, is also affected by the measure. All intersection and flyover structures have to be replaced, for which we have proposed a likewise technically innovative solution approach in which the required noise protection is integrated directly into the load-bearing structure, resulting in an appearance that is also architecturally appealing with almost futuristic features.

More Visualizations and an Animation of the construction procedure are presented here:

Project Details