Wednesday 02.08.2023

Award for Exemplary Building for Württemberg State Library in Stuttgart

The extension to the Württemberg State Library in Stuttgart receives the "Exemplary Building" award, which is presented by the Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Architects for exemplary architecture in a concrete living context.

With this award, the Chamber of Architects aims to raise awareness of building culture in everyday life. The criteria are the external design, dimensions and proportions of the building, internal spatial formation, allocation of spaces and practicality, appropriateness of means and materials, constructive honesty, sustainability, integration and interaction with the urban context and the environment.

The design for the extension was the result of a design competition held in 2011, which was won by the Stuttgart-based architects "Lederer Ragnarsdóttir Oei". The extension has already been awarded the Architecture Prize Concrete 2020 and the Hugo Häring Award 2020 and was shortlisted for the DAM Prize.

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Vermögen und Bau Baden-Württemberg Stuttgart


LRO Lederer Ragnarsdòttir Oei GmbH & Co. KG

Services by LAP

Structural design for the building and the Betón brut façade, the sheeting and underpinning measures


Bastian Kratzke


The award ceremony is scheduled to take plae on 23 November 2023 at the Stuttgart City Hall