Rhine River Bridge Cologne-Mülheim, Germany

Rhine River Bridge Cologne-Mülheim, Germany

Rehabilitation of a 1054 m long bridge consisting of four structures different in material and extent of damange:

Embankment bridge: steel bridge, approx. 90 m
Flood Bridge: steel bridge, approx. 104 m
Main river bridge: Steel bridge, approx.. 485 m and
Eastern ramp bridge: reinforced concrete bridge, approx.. 375 m.

The main bridge is a soil-anchored suspension bridge with 315 m main span.

The embankment bridge will be replaced by a steel composite box girder, the Eastern ramp bridge by a prestressed concrete bridge.

City of Cologne

Services by LAP
Preliminary design, basic design, detailed design
recalculation according to NR-RiL
inspection according to DIN 1076