Monday 26.04.2021

Rhine River Bridge Cologne-Mülheim: Deconstruction of the dike bridge

During a weekend closure break, the first partial demolition of the dike bridge took place between April 9 and 11. As part of the overall rehabilitation of the Rhine Bridge at Cologne-Mülheim, the foreland bridge on the left bank of the Rhine is being replaced by a new bridge. The construction of the replacement will be carried out in three phases without interruption of the road and light rail traffic.

The bridge, built in 1929, consists of a single superstructure in the form of a girder grid construction with a concrete deck on top. After dismantling the deck slab, the cut through the superstructure was carried out. The cut steel girders were then excavated by a mobile crane. To ensure the stability of the remaining superstructure until completion of the construction work, the existing structure was reinforced and a falsework was installed underneath the structure during construction. After completion of the new southern substructure, the second cut and the demolition of the light rail line will be carried out in an analogous manner.

Stadt Köln, Amt für Brücken, Tunnel und Stadtbahnbau    

Services by LAP   
Preliminary design, basic design, detailed design of the reconstruction including the remaining systems of the existing bridge caused by the cuts.

Rehabilitation of the Rhine Bridge at Cologne Mülheim